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About Uplift

Our Practice


Uplift was established in April of 2001 to ensure the healthy development and improve the quality of life of   youth in our communities.  Our mission is to promote supportive services and healthy relationships between family, community leaders and peers.  Uplift understands that no individual can change the world.  We know that with a shared mission and a collective focus on our most precious resources, our children, we can restore hope and promise into the hearts and minds of our community. 


Uplift implements a PETA( Prevention Early Intervention Treatment and Aftercare) approach to managed care. We believe that a needy family should receive help regardless of situation or circumstance. Uplift is committed to assisting every individual that contacts our agency.


Choosing the right agency is an important part of your child and family's treatment process. It is important that you choose an agency that keeps your child's needs first and foremost. If you feel that UPLIFT is the agency for you and your family, Please contact us at 252-551-5544. One of our friendly and qualified staff members will be ready to speak with you. We promise to do all we can to help you through any adversity. 

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