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Multisystemic Therapy (MST) is a short-term (four to six months) home and family-based treatment program for youth involved or at-risk of having involvement in the court system and their families. Clinicians work with the youth and their families in their homes, schools and the community. This program is an intensive, strength-based treatment approach designed to impact the environment of the client in a manner that promotes positive change.


MST Goals

  1. To increase the youth’s association with positive peers

  2. To improve caregiver discipline practice

  3. To engage youth in positive recreational activities

  4. To enhance family relations

  5. To improve the youth’s school and/or vocational performance

  6. To develop a support network for the family that includes extended family, friends, neighbors and other community resources.




  1. Youth experiencing one or more external behavioral problems with school, performance, peers, substance use, truancy, depression, probation violations, etc.

  2. Ages12-17

  3. Active DSM-IV Diagnosis

  4. Active Medicaid 

  5. At risk for recidivism or out of home placement



For More Information

Contact Jackie Kupper by phone at 252.551.5544 or via email at

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